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Abortion is an effective procedure when the abortion pills are used as this doesn’t need any surgical cuts and you purge your pregnancy by implying a safe method.

There are two ways of ending a pregnancy: in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill. Both are safe and very common. If you’re pregnant and thinking about abortion, you may have lots of questions. We’re here to help. What are the possible risks of taking the abortion pill? Medication abortion has been used safely in the U.S. for more than 15 years.

The effectiveness of the medication is determined by the stage of your pregnancy at the time it is administered. In around 94-98 percent of cases, it is effective on pregnant women who are less than 8 weeks pregnant.It is beneficial to 94 to 96 percent of pregnant women between the ages of eight and nine weeks. Women who are 9-10 weeks pregnant have a 90-93 percent success rate with the test, according to the manufacturer. When you have to take a medication twice, you can nearly always count on it to be effective. 

We’re here to help.

New Abortion Pills

If you’re pregnant and thinking about abortion, you may have lots of questions and needs to abortion pills in Dubai.

Regardless of the fact that any drug has a variety of uses, it is critical to comprehend these uses prior to ingesting any prescribed medicine. Mifegest Kit is among the safest drugs to end a pregnancy without having any implications on your next pregnancy.

100% Guaranteed Abortion Pills Available in UAE

Women who are within 10-11 weeks of becoming pregnant have a high success rate with the surgery, with about 90 percent of their attempts being successful. This suggests that if you continue to receive treatment, the cure will be 98 percent effective in most cases.


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