An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It is also sometimes known as a termination of pregnancy.The pregnancy is ended either by taking medicine or having surgical procedure.In this procedure medicines are use to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus.The procedure is done by the licensed health care professional.The decision to end the pregnancy is Very personal.If you are are thinking of having abortion, most health care providers advise counseling.
Now the next step i m discuss about some types of abortion. There are many types of abortion but i m discussed about two types of abortion.First is medical abortion and second is surgical abortion.These types also known as methods of abortion.Let’s we discussed these one by one.
Medical Abortion & Abortion Pills in Dubai:
This type of abortion is very common.It is known as Medical Termination of pregnancy(MTP).This method is used to abort baby through medicines. For this procedure commonly used MTP kit. There are so many questions in mind like When we use these MTP pills and How we use these pills. Ideally ,Govt allow these MTP kit use with in 7 Weeks.You can use these pills until 7 weeks. After that you use these pills Its efficacy reduces with every week. If we use these pills after 7 weeks,These are more chances of incomplete abortion.Like some products are left inside the womb. This might necessitate the need of surgical evacuations and D&E. So till now we discussed that MTP pills should be take only 7 weeks of pregnancy as it work only till 7 Weeks. Second question is what all teblets are these in the MTP kit? The MTP pills are available in the form of a kit.This kit contains 5 Tablets. The first tablet is Mifepristone tablet. It is a singal tablet containing 200 miligrams of mifepristone one which you have to take on the first day. So,Whenever you plan to start the process of medical termination of pregnancy. You have to take mifepristone tablet 200mg on the first day.The name is mentioned on the side of the tablet.Then you have to wait for 48 hours after taking mifepristone. After 48 hours of the first tablet day 3 you have to take rest of the tablets.The first tablet of mifepristone has to be taken orally with water.But the four tablets that you will take after 48 hours gap have to be consumed in a different way.You have to take them either subliminally or buccally. You can place them in between your cheeks and gums,two tablets on each side,and you have to wait for them to dissolve on their own.If we take these tablets with water or place them in vagina , Though they can be taken through these routes, the effect is not as reliable as with sublingual route. Many times after placing them in vagina, Patients expel them out without any idea about it, the result obtained are not very good.Here i would like to tell one important things. These kits are available only at legal and authorised outlets, and should be taken only after doctor’s prescription.When take Over The Counter(OTC) Or after arranging from some where or when taken wrongly, these result only and only in complications in future. Abortion pills Cytotec avaliable in Dubai. Mifeprisone and Misoprostol are available in UAE. Abortion pills cytotec 200mg mifepristone and misoportol MTP kit available in Sharjah.
Surgical Abortion:
It’s also called in-Clinic abortion.they are typically more effective than medical abortion, With a lower risk of an incomplete procedure. The two type of surgical abortion are:

  1. Aspiration abortion
  2. Dilation and evacuation abortion.
    Aspiration abortion :
    It’s also called vacuum aspirations are the most common type of surgical abortion. During this procedure you ‘ll be given pain medication ,which can include a numbing medication that is injected
    into the cervix .The actual aspiration procedure takes approximately five to ten minutes ,though more time may be needed for dilation .
    Dilation and evacuation:
    This process starts the same way as an aspiration abortion ,with the doctor applying pain medication ,checking your uterus and dilating your cervix . The doctor
    inserts a tube attached to a suction
    machine to the uterus through the cervix and combined with other medical tools,it will gently empty the uterus .After that will use a small metal loop-shaped tool called
    accurate to remove any remaining tissue that is lining the uterus .It is typically used after the 15th week of pregnancy .It takes between 10 and 20 minutes with more time potentially being needed for dilation.
    In clinic abortions are highly effective .They are more effective than medical abortions ,which have an effectiveness rate of over 90 percent.